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Rooster head isolated on white background.

agriculture, angry, animal, animals, background, beautiful, bird, chicken, cock, country, crest, crested, domestic, farm, feather, feathers, food, head, influenza, isolated, livestock, male, natural, nature, red, roost, rooster, rural, ruster, white, yellow

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Car Keys

A set of car keys over white background.

alarm, alert, auto, automobile, automobiles, button, buttons, car, car key, car keys, chain, closeups, control, electronic, everyday, gift, hoop, ignition, isolated, key, keys, lock, macro, metal, metallic, objects, open, plastic, privacy, private, protect, protected, protection, remote, remote control, safe, safety, secure, security, set, start, starter, transport, transportation, trunk, unlock

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Corn, Peanut and Sunflower Seeds

Fried Corn, Peanut and Sunflower Seeds in glass container isolated on white background.

background, container, corn, food, fried, glass, healthy, ingredients, isolated, mix, mixed, natural, nut, nutrient, nuts, peanut, seeds, snack, sunflower, white

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Table lamp

Yellow table lamp on white background.

appliance, black, cable, clamp, desk, electric, electrical, illuminate, isolated, lamp, light, lightning, lit, reading, study, switch, table, white, white background, yellow

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